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gnome builder is quite nice ngl, it just needs a good editor

GTA V death screen but instead of WASTED it says DEFEDERATED

Old programmer wisdom:

"Fix someone's program, they're happy for a day. Teach someone to program and they're never happy again."

lewd shitpost 

concept: IOT dildo that hooks up to your phone notifications

the year is 2020 and your PM updates a ticket on jira

- your jira tab notifies you
- your workplace compulsory slack notification updates you
- your jira app on mobile notifies you
- you receive the same jira notification on your smartwatch
- in 5 minutes, your slack app on your phone notifies you
- your smartwatch also notifies you yet again
- your PM also sends you a DM to make sure you received the notification
- notification cycle repeats on app and smartwatch


> misgenders someone to assert dominance

erm ok bepis

somebody come get herrr she’s dancing like she has a reasonable source of income

also you can't migrate toots between instances sjjsdjashkjd i can't be original i don't do that

> random follows to increase federated timeline


*disabled banner notifications in messaging apps cause i hate accidentally clicking a notification while doing something while not entirely wanting to mute a chat*

app: OH MY OMG. you LITERALLY disabled _banner_ notifications you little PISS BABY. do you hate life? is that what your scars are? little piss baby with slow reaction speed? hate notifications cause you aren’t a part of them?? PATHETIC. please EnABeLL£ or you’ll miss out on important (very!!) chats 🥰😝 go rope, desu

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