you know what? i really need to drop all google products. they’re inherently fascist.

selfie, no ec 

so i just got my hair done. first time bleaching my whole head x,x loving the blue tho


so i came across these cuties recently and i they’re so big oml

beach view, selfie, no ec 

spending my merdeka weekend in langkawi uwu


been a while since i posted a selfie but i got my hair done a few days ago and i just completed my second laser session on saturday! and oh i lost 2kgs in the past week so i’m feeling real good 🥰


but a whole cup made of plastic is fine cause we don’t truly give a shit. being environmentally friendly is a fad.

logs into account created in
2008,2009: emo dudes are hot xD can i be ur gf¿
2010,2014: Robert’); DROP TABLE Students;—
2015: 1 aM 4 c3tgrl uwu”
2016: st@lin b8 ym d;dDy£fUck f”sc3sts
2017: aNk5m esT0s_la d5mAN6on) 😤 liF3 big SAD
2018: nothing really matters to meeeeee
2019: y’all mind if i just die or what
2020: sjgslavalagsiNVjsvsgnacsksvensbsksvs

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also it’s like the first time a recruiter got in touch because of their focus on diversity hiring (female) and like 1 GOOD THANK YOU and 2 i had male privilege growing up and am where i am at in my career perhaps due to that privilege so in cases like this i should reject probably? idk

alt cause idk if client working: meme image with “ADMIT IT” over picture of stove with 4 cookers, bottom right highlighted. i overlayed “COMMENDABLE CRIMES COMRATE” too for lulz

malaysians get a rep for being at the very least bilingual but in reality we're just trying to enjoy our goldan waterlile man

contains food 

waffles for dinner and now lunch because i am Sakai™ as hell and because i wanted to post a review to lazada yeet

food, as usual 

@Synthwave wanted her tomatoes 🍅 again 😄 not bad considering it's entirely made up of leftovers

non-english content 

ASTAGA awkward na bah ucapan tok 😂


ngl kesianlah tahun tok xkan da pasar ramadhan 😵 kali ku nang xpat balit kampong ke gawai juak kali 😭

so i'm reinstalling arch on my work laptop and purging work stuff from all personal devices, and this is what routing looks like. i have to rely on a VPN to get anything done effectively.

it doesn't help that the web, privacy hostile by default makes using a VPN really difficult with all the captchas 😔

contains food 

repost from ig cause i love the gif ahaha

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