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sometimes you gotta be grateful gonna cry gloria in excel sheet deo πŸ™πŸšΈ

my nomadic roots are telling me to hop instances but registration for all the Cool 😎 ones are closed sksjsjjs

🎢 crying in my sleep like the emotional train wreck i am 🎢

so i noticed that the insides of my nails were blue and wondered when i last fingered a smurf before i realized it is i. i am the smurf and i re-did my blue hair dye yesterday πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

archiving old repos, i really don’t remember half the stuff i’ve worked on in the past 7 years.. especially my university assignments wth

every time i boot into windows it sets itself as boot priority number 1 which is actually worse than apps that pause your music when you open them like HOW IMPORTANT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE

why didn’t anybody tell me you’re not supposed to pluck your hair after laser/ipl?? here i was thinking like wtf how did my hair randomly start growing back when it was doing so damn well for the past few months, blaming my mutant healing abilities instead 🀦


one of my coping mechanisms has always been reclaiming certain words like faggot/pondan but ever since i got called out for indirectly being a nazi (using apple products & instagram) like idk 1) it barely makes sense but 2) it still affects me cause i don’t like it either but ig connects me to some form of support network of friends i lost over the years? and i wanted an iphone + watch for privacy and health tracking idk

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